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Nowadays, there is no need to describe in detail the expediency of leasing. The majority of the top managers do have an understanding, whether they need this financial tool or not. In our opinion, motor transport leasing in its financial core does not differ from the leasing of medical equipment or that of some unique oversized machines. In the process of negotiations with our customers we always stick to the following rules:

  1. We are ready to lease out any object you can think of, that may be leased out by operation of law. Even if tou need to get a R2D2 - robot  from the well-known Star Wars, we are ready to buy it for you.You will only need to determine the supplier that would sell it to us at the desirable price. Based on the liquidity of the R2D2 on our planet, expected cost of money for the leasing period and the taxes which we will have to pay, we determine the amount of your advance payment and calculate the amounts of your monthly lease payments. That is why, you are welcome to determine the list of the equipment to be bought, haggle with the seller over the price and delivery time, and call our managers. You will get a preliminary quotation in one working day. If the leasing cost suits you, we can proceed to the analysis of your documents of title and bookkeeper's records.
  2. We always remind our customers, that leasing is a financial leverage, that allows you not only to increase your profits by means of buying assets and getting them generate banknotes, but also to pick up unnecessary debts, if the assets stay idle or require considerable unplanned expenses for the repair and maintenance, whereas lease payments must be paid monthly. Therefore, it is advisable that the estimated amount of a monthly lease payment does not exceed 30% of your earnings. In this case we will be able to overcome all the crises together.
  3. We kindly ask our customers to take into account that leasing period averages out at one to three years. Not every married couple remains together in this time, no need to mention business partners or development tendencies of one or another branch. That is why we prefer to see among our clients positively disposed devotees, who do not give up on a half-way as soon as some hardships arise, but always try to hitch their wagon to a star and to their own prosperity.
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